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Anyone venturing into San Francisco’s notorious Barbary Coast from 1849 – 1906 had a pretty good idea of what to expect. If you were lucky enough to sidestep the drunken sailors in one of the neighborhood bordellos or saloons, you might run into someone far worse lurking around Murderer’s Corner…

Of Course, the Barbary Coast has long since become just a colorful slice of history; the irony is that today, it can be much more difficult to recognize people — especially professional people — who are not what they seem. Scams have grown more sophisticated and con artists are often among the best-dressed and most articulate individuals. Entrusting them with your finances or proprietary information could seriously jeopardize the future of your company.

At Barbary Coast Investigations, you can always expect top notch professional service from the Bay Area’s leading investigators.

Meet Robert Fenech – Owner & Operator of Barbary Coast Investigations

A veteran Police Officer, Robert Fenech created Barbary Coast Investigations to provide a one-stop resource for investigations. His 23 years of experience investigating criminal and civil cases for the City and County of San Francisco ensures service that is Comprehensive, Confidential and Convenient The name Fenech is synonymous with San Francisco. Robert’s grandfather came to San Francisco in the late 1800’s from Europe when the Barbary Coast was in full swing. He started a business and was in business for over 60 years.

Robert’s father grew up in San Francisco, after a short career as a professional baseball player (Oakland Oaks) he started a business in butcher town and was in business for 25 years. Robert diverted from the family tradition of business, after college he went in to the public sector as a police officer. After twenty three years of service as a police officer for the city and county of San Francisco, Robert retired and started up his own business: Barbary Coast Investigations. So as you can see, the Fenech’s have been around San Francisco (Barbary Coast) for over 100 years.

So for your investigative and security needs there is no reason to go anywhere else but to Barbary Coast Investigations, a full service investigative company.

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